CCIE Troubleshooting Lab Tips

Troubleshooting lab is designed for a CCIE candidate to fix an issues of a pre-configured network.  Tickets are very well defined as well as the expected behavior.  There are about 10 tickets presented, some are worth 2 points and some 3 points.  The troubleshooting lab has an automatic cutoff time after 120 minutes.  All devices are virtualized using Cisco’s IOU (IOS on Unix).

The way I approached the troubleshooting section is by reading all of the tickets first.  Yes, that will eat up about 10 minutes of your allocated 120 minutes, but it is well worth it.  During the initial read, I created a table which tracked:

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CCIE Configuration Lab Tips

The CCIE configuration is a 6 hour test.  The main goal of this section is to test you knowledge in building a network from scratch.  All devices are real physical routers and switches, no Cisco IOU.

Similarly to the troubleshooting lab, I read the whole lab from start to finish.  Just as the troubleshooting section I created a table to help me track of all the tasks and its requirements (see below for a sample and explanation).
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