CCDE Group Study by INE

Over the weekend I attended the CCDE group study sponsored by INE in Chicago.┬áDiscussion and material were let by Petr Lapukhov and Brian McGahan. I’m very excited to see high level networking event in my hometown. We had about 15-20 people in the class. This was my first exposure to CCDE so it was a lot of information absorbing. The test is composed of 4 scenarios. You have about 8 hours to pass the computerized test. Just like in other written Cisco certifications, you can’t go back once you answer the question. The test seems to be based on mastering the design’s information extraction from pages and pages of information. Most of the technology focus is on MPLS, routing, QoS and some security.

In the group study we went through Cisco’s CCDE practice demo ( I thought the discussion was very interested, especially from people that have been studying for the test. If you take it and want to look at the solution you can find it at Next we went through INE’s CCDE practice scenarios written by Petr and Brian.

Mainly, I wanted to post some very interesting documents that were referenced in the group study. There is no particular order to these docs just new information that Petr or Brian referenced that sounded interesting. I’ll use this list as a to-do for further research (Note: some of these are just RFC drafts, but might describe very interesting ideas).


3 thoughts on “CCDE Group Study by INE

  1. I looked at the reference to the solution of the CCDE and the quote at the end, from the author, says a lot to me

    “It took about couple [sic] of hours, considerable amount of Coffee and Tea, Nine Men with 19 CCIE Certificates to solve the demo.”

    Good luck.

    • I think before I can attempt the CCDE, I’ll need a CCIE SP. Seems like a lot of content from SP and RS. One day for sure :)..time to get started on the CCIE SP sometime.

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