The CCIE certification is a very honored and respected industry certification, but it comes at a high cost of time and money.  When I started studying for the certification, I couldn’t find a lot of details on its expense, so I decided to keep a running total.  I wouldn’t say that these numbers are representative of all cases, but only one CCIE.  Knowing these figures helps in terms of budgeting especially when comparing individual financing  versus expensing it from a company training budget.





Technical Books


 Cisco Press books and other study materials
Written Exam Prep


Boson Exam Environment
Written CCIE Test


Lab Fee


Practice workbooks
Rack Rental Time




Two CCIE classes
Lab CCIE Test


Lab Fees for two tests


Flights and hotel cost to bootcamps and test location from Chicago, IL

Total Cost




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  1. My own CCIE cost (five years ago) was roughly half this amount. Basically I needed one more attempt, but no bootcamps.

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