CCIE Supermemo Questions

After few requests, I decided to put up some of the questions I wrote to help me remember the vast amount of knowledge you have to retain for the CCIE test. These questions are more of review questions, created for quick recall of facts and details. I wrote them when studying for the test and coming up with any situation that is not easy to remember. I would recommend you write your own for things that are hard for you to remember.

I’m using which stores all questions and allows you to easily add courses from any device that support supermemo. To use you’ll need to register for a free account. As time progresses I’ll be able to publish most of my questions, but please be patient. Let me know which topics interest you most and I’ll try to get to those first.

CCIE BGP Questions
CCIE General
CCIE Frame Relay
CCIE IP Services
CCIE Multicast
CCIE OER General
CCIE Security
CCIE Switching
OER General
OER Measure
OER Policy
OER Profile

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  1. Hello, I have started my CCIE process and I was wondering if you could share your supermemo questions and answers on CCIE Switching. Thanks mate.

  2. Is it possible you can simply zip all of your deck and upload it to this site or some other file sharing site? Thanks!!

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